The Food Affairs At Indian Weddings By Sarita Bazaz: A Culinary Journey

Food Affairs

Indian weddings are renowned for their opulence, revelries, and notably, their gastronomy. The Food Affairs at Indian weddings are an indispensable element of the festivities, uniting families and friends to relish a vast assortment of palatable delicacies. With an amalgamation of conventional recipes and contemporary twists, Indian weddings are a gastronomic expedition, which showcases the diversity and exquisiteness of the country’s cuisine.

This piece delves into the food at Indian weddings cuisine created by Sarita Bazaz catering, a distinguished food blogger and culinary connoisseur. With her exceptional eye for detail and profound knowledge of Indian food, Sarita leads us on an expedition through the history of traditional dishes and the newest trends. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the captivating realm of Indian wedding cuisine.

Traditional dishes
Indian weddings are jubilation of customs and heritage, with food being an integral part of the festivities. Traditional dishes hold great importance in the wedding menu, and each region showcases its own specialties. Here are some of the most sought-after traditional dishes served at Indian weddings: biryani is a rice-based dish that originated in the Indian subcontinent a fragrant and flavorful dish made with meat or vegetables, Rice, and a blend of spices. On the other hand, butter chicken is a classic North Indian meal that is prepared with marinated chicken cooked in a creamy tomato-based sauce. Dal Makhani, a rich and creamy lentil dish is a staple in Punjabi cuisine made of black lentils, red kidney beans, cream, and a blend of spices. Not to miss out on the luscious Gulab Jamun which is a popular Indian sweet and made using milk solids and soaked in sugar syrup is a must-have dessert at Indian weddings. Ras Malai is another popular Indian sweet made of cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened milk and a true delicacy enjoyed and relished by all.

Modern twists
Although traditional dishes remain a staple at Indian weddings, modern variations are swiftly gaining traction. Chefs and caterers are exploring fusion cuisine, infusing global flavours into classic recipes. Here are some contemporary twists that are creating a buzz at Indian weddings:

Tandoori Chicken sliders are a fusion dish that combines the classic Tandoori Chicken with a modern twist. The chicken is served in mini-burgers with a side of chutney. Paan is a traditional Indian mouth freshener made with betel leaves and a blend of spices. Paan shots are a modern twist on this classic, served as a shot with a hint of sweetness. Pizza dosa is a fusion dish that combines the classic south Indian Dosa with Italian flavors. It is made with a tomato-based sauce, cheese, and a variety of toppings. Gol-gappas, also known as Pani-puri, is a popular Indian street food that is served with a tangy tamarind sauce. Chocolate Gol-gappas are a modern twist that replaces the tamarind sauce with chocolate, making it a sweet and indulgent treat. Avocado Paratha is a fusion dish that combines the classic Indian flatbread with the superfood avocado. It is a healthy and flavorful twist on traditional Parathas.

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