This Ganesh Chaturthi Revives

This Ganesh Chaturthi Revives

Every year, for 10 days in August and September, the streets of major Indian cities are filled with
colourful idols of Lord Ganesha in various styles, forms, and sizes. As the festivities heat up,
kitchens across homes dish out freshly made recipes to ring in Ganesh Chaturthi on a sweet
note. While mouth melting modaks are usually the evergreen must-have delicacy, this season
we bring you various options of sweets you’ve never had before styled in the most amazing way
Sarita Bazaz, the founder of The Food Affairs, shares her view on the fusion food craze. “With the
choice of East or West, why not agree on both?” she asked. A satisfactory conclusion is the
combination of wonderful things from both sides. By serving hybrid desserts, we are providing
people with something familiar while still offering something new.”

1. 8-shaped jalebi served in a martini glass
Crispy, round, and juicy Jalebis make you go crunch! often being served on a bay leaf or in
wrapped packages. We alter the composition of it to an ‘8 shape and top it with Rabri and serve
it in a martini glass. The slim shape allows the jalebi to remain intact in the glass. The modernity in
design now being expanded to food discovery! Enjoy this fresh take on Indian cuisine.

2. Meetha Khaja with Chhena Payas in a mason jar
The Khaja is a symbol of Jagannath culture and an essential part of the Holy Trinity’s
‘Mahaprasad.’ This wheat-based treat pays homage to the technique of layering the way you
would make a croissant and then frying , through which it differentiates itself. We balance the
hot sweet khaaja with a chilled, creamy nolen gur Chhena Payas on the side . To present the
layers of delicate textures that flow over each other, the sweet is served in a mason jar

3. Rasgulla Soufflé
The traditional Rasgulla,a Bengali delicacy, is an all-time favourite sweet topped with cream
soufflé in different flavours of Pishori Pishta , Mamra badam and Kashmiri saffron. The humble
rasgulla when served with cream whipped like a foam and infused with an exotic variety of
almonds pistachio and saffron comes out finally as an amazing fusion dessert without messing up
with it’s authentic recipe.

4. Blueberry Kheer Crème Brûlée
Kheer or Payasam is the most common yet favourite sweet dish served on all auspicious
occasions across India . A homemade blueberry jam is hidden in layers in the traditional kheer
and then creme brûléed with a torch after sprinkling rustic palm sugar and finally forming a
crunchy crispy layer like a brittle