Evolution Of Food In Weddings

Evolution Of Food In Weddings

The wedding season is in full swing, and with it comes a surge in demand for the best food catering services. Caterers have been working hard to meet the demands of couples who want nothing but the best for their special day. From traditional cuisines to fusion delicacies, caterers are pulling out all the stops to impress guests with their culinary skills. Some of the best caterers for weddings are now offering luxury wedding catering services, which include personalized menus, elaborate table settings, and high-end ingredients. This rise in the catering business is a testament to the importance of impeccable service and good food at Indian weddings to make the celebrations unforgettable. Sarita Bazaz, founder of The Food Affairs, one of the leading women entrepreneurs in the catering industry, gives an in-depth review of the current state of the food industry and the aspects that must be considered when adapting to it.

Safety is still of utmost importance in food and beverage experiences

From preparation to presentation, food safety will remain a crucial objective and concern. Smaller-scale, more intimate, and intricate events are becoming more popular than large-scale events. This would impact food service by resulting in more passing foods, individualized servings, and lesser buffets.

Creative serving ideas will persist

The emphasis on safety has enabled certain innovative serving techniques, which are likely to continue. As a result, more composed small plates and roaming stations—where individuals pick up a themed meal rather than serving themselves from a station—are likely to expand in popularity. There would also be more instances where food would be designed more creatively while ensuring safety.

People prefer flavours that are strong yet exotic

During the lockdown, people experimented with cooking and eating more, which made them crave new, distinctive, regional flavours.

A modern take on traditional food

After a two-year period of uncertainty and struggle, people choose simple, no-frills versions of conventional meals, rather than easy-going comfort foods that carry them back to their formative period.

Sustainability is always in

Today’s world is a thriving market for ingredients that are sourced environmentally and ethically. Catering companies are collectively focused on a few of the most valuable environmental issues, such as sustainability, reducing food waste, using few or no plastics and disposables through their activities, and aiming to enhance the food and beverage experience by procuring more sustainable ways across supply chains.

There will be a greater emphasis on specialized diets and good nutrition

In 2023, the desire for gluten-free cuisines will skyrocket. The whole menu has become dictated by a handful of new requests for alterations and alternative meals. The same holds for vegetarian options. Earlier, vegetarian substitutes used to make up 10% of event participants; today, that percentage can exceed 50%. Due to the need for more plant-based food options, the rest of the events may gradually offer vegan menus.

Professionals in the catering industry are excellent inventors and problem solvers. My biggest goal for catering in 2023 is to be a part of an industry that comes back with innovations to offer people a positive experience, a sense of security, and the confidence to go back and attend live events.