Emerging Food Trends At Indian Weddings

Emerging Food Trends At Indian Weddings

Even with the most extravagant venue, decor, and apparel for an Indian wedding, the event’s lasting impression has always been most strongly influenced by the quality of the food served. Indian wedding cuisine has undergone a transformation recently, becoming more representative of the couple and their personalities. Innovative food dishes and serving styles are sizzling up the wedding menu. Sarita Bazaz, founder of The Food Affairs, and one of the first woman entrepreneurs in the catering industry, with an experience of over 30 years of exploring cuisine and presentation techniques of various kinds, presents a compilation of the most recent trends to include in the wedding menu.

A wedding brunch

Brunch wedding menus are one of the hottest food trends at Indian weddings. Increasingly, couples choose a daytime wedding followed by a brunch-themed reception. Brunch weddings are a simple wedding catering concept that can include dishes like Vada Pav bites, Papdi Chaat tacos, Mimosas, an Omelette station, and more.

Small proportioned cuisine

There has been a developing culinary model that emphasizes serving nutrient-dense, freshly cooked food in smaller portions that will please the modern palate. The new notion is to serve guests bite-sized versions of different dishes like mini Italian platters, flavoured Idlis, mini dosas loaded with Halloumi cheese, egg crackers, Gulab Jamun trifle, or Taco Chaat.

Make your wedding catering more personal

Adding a personalized touch to wedding celebrations by offering some of the couple’s all-time favourite refreshments is one of the newly added ideas on the wedding menu. These could be as basic as a cup of masala chai or as elaborate as a feast crafted from two of their favourite dishes. Along with this, individuals also come up with unique and creative titles for food cuisine on wedding menus, giving the celebration a theme-driven feel not only in venue and lighting but also in food design.

A simple yet filling wedding menu

For a long time, Indian wedding catering primarily offered heavy and highly filling foods. While this is still a prominent part of the wedding meal, recent wedding food trends have begun to incorporate portions of the menu dedicated purely to calorie-conscious and health-driven, nourishing cuisine. The idea of evolving food types at weddings that adhere to the well-being of all attendees is a wonderful way to characterize a wedding and its celebratory festivities as a component of consistent upkeep for the body.

Make your own counters

Another popular trend that is making its way onto Indian wedding food menus is the do-it-yourself counter. This is a wonderful way to keep guests engaged as they enjoy their favourite cuisine; for instance, make your own burger/wrap counter or ice cream would surely be something guests would love to experiment with! In recent years, there have been significant changes in the concept of an Indian wedding, particularly with respect to wedding cuisine where formality appears to be out of the way and fun & flamboyance tend to be the platitudes.